Best AI tools for Video editing

Best AI tools for video editing | The dawn of AI in video editing has witnessed an exponential surge in creativity, convenience, and quality of video production. Video content creators are often on the hunt for high-grade editing tools that offer top-notch features at zero cost. However, finding a free Mac video editor with no watermark that can satisfy all their editing needs can be a challenge. This article will unravel the best AI tools for video editing in 2023 that will help you create breathtaking videos without a watermark on your Mac.

List of Best AI tools for video editing in 2023

OpenAI’s AI Video Editor

Boasting a powerful AI engine trained on millions of videos, OpenAI’s AI Video Editor offers automatic editing features, including scene detection, object recognition, and smart cropping. This user-friendly platform allows you to import video content, and the AI algorithm takes care of the editing tasks. The tool’s output is devoid of watermarks, making it one of the most sought-after free Mac video editors in 2023.


InVideo’s free Mac video editor is powered by advanced AI technology that assists users in creating professional-grade videos. The AI performs complex tasks like automatically adding transitions, adjusting lighting and audio, and even suggesting visual enhancements. With InVideo, you can produce high-quality videos with no watermark, making it a favorite choice for many content creators.


Lumen5 has transformed the video editing landscape with its AI-driven video maker that simplifies video creation. Its AI is capable of summarizing articles into video storyboards, suggesting relevant images and videos, and even adjusting video pace based on textual content. The free version of Lumen5 provides videos with no watermark, making it an ideal choice for video bloggers and marketers.


Powered by AI, Magisto offers a comprehensive platform to create impactful videos effortlessly. Magisto’s AI engine automates video editing tasks such as trimming, stabilizing, adding filters and effects, and even selecting appropriate music based on video content. Although the free version leaves a watermark, Magisto offers a special package for Mac users, which is free and leaves no watermark.

Canva Video Editor

Canva, best known for its graphic design capabilities, also provides an AI-powered video editor. It’s an excellent free Mac video editor with no watermark, allowing you to add captions, apply filters, and integrate music into your videos. Canva’s AI can also recommend design enhancements, making your videos stand out.


Synthesia’s AI video editor takes the video creation process to another level. It allows users to generate videos using virtual avatars, and the AI does the speaking based on the script provided. It also offers automated lip-syncing, making the avatars appear more natural. Synthesia is a unique tool for creating engaging, watermark-free videos.

Final Thoughts

All these platforms are a testament to how AI is shaping the video editing landscape. These tools allow creators to focus on their content, leaving the laborious editing tasks to intelligent algorithms. While each tool has its unique strength, all of them offer a free Mac video editor with no watermark, enabling you to produce high-quality, professional videos without having to worry about intrusive branding.

However, it’s crucial to remember that while AI simplifies video editing, it doesn’t entirely replace the human touch. While the AI can handle tedious tasks, the creativity and vision of the content creator still play an essential role in the final product. So, experiment with these AI tools, explore their capabilities, and let your creativity flow unhindered.

With the right blend of AI assistance and human creativity, the sky’s the limit for your video content in 2023.