New 4.5 kV XHP 3 IGBT module enables downsizing of drives combined with maximum efficiency

Infineon Technologies introduces the 4.5 kV XHP 3 IGBT modules that will fundamentally change the landscape for medium voltage drives (MVD) and transportation applications operating at 2000 to 3300 V AC in 2- and 3-level topologies. Applications benefiting from the new devices include large conveyor belts, pumps, high-speed trains, locomotives, as well as commercial, construction and agricultural vehicles (CAV).

The XHP family comprises a 450 A dual IGBT module with TRENCHSTOP™ IGBT4 and an emitter-controlled diode, and a 450 A double diode module with emitter-controlled E4 Diode. Both modules feature improved isolation of 10.4 kV. Together, they help to simplify paralleling and downsizing without sacrificing efficiency. Previously, complex busbars were required to parallelize switching modules, resulting in complicated design efforts and leakage inductance. The innovative design of the XHP family simplifies paralleling by conveniently placing the connections side by side. As a result, only a single straight busbar is required for paralleling.

The 4.5 kV XHP family also allows developers to reduce the number of units. Conventional IGBT solutions use multiple single switches and a double diode. With the new devices, however, designs can be reduced to two dual switches and a smaller double diode – a significant step forward in integrated drives.

The combination of the XHP 3 FF450R45T3E4_B5 dual switch and the DD450S45T3E4_B5 double diode enables significant cost savings and a smaller footprint. For example, Infineon’s previous IGBT solutions required four 140 x 190 mm² or 140 x 130 mm² switches and one 140 x 130 mm² double diode. With the new XHP family, the components can be reduced to two 140 x 100 mm² dual switches and a smaller 140 x 100 mm² double diode.