Mouser Showcases Latest Offerings From HARTING for Industrial Networking, Factory Automation, and More

Mouser Electronics is stocking the latest innovations from HARTING, a global leader in the connector industry. Since 2003, Mouser has offered HARTING’S extensive portfolio of over 23,000 high-quality electrical connector solutions, for use in mechanical and plant engineering, broadcast and entertainment, factory automation, power generation and distribution, as well as industrial electronics and telecommunication.

Mouser currently has over 7,000 HARTING part numbers in stock including the ix Industrial Ethernet interfaces. These interfaces are suitable for 10GBit/s Ethernet/Cat 6A, featuring two miniaturized interfaces, including Type A for data interface for industrial Ethernet, and Type B for signals and serial BUS systems with 360° shielding. The ix Industrial interfaces feature an IP20 protection rating, 360° contact shielding, 26AWG to 22AWG IDC ranges and are standardized according to the IEC 61076-3-124, with an operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.

The T1 Industrial M12 single-pair Ethernet (SPE) connectors deliver a highly optimized, shielded, high-frequency and mechanical robustness, with shock and vibration resistance according to IEC 61373 category 1B (railway standards) for 10Gbit/s speed over industrial ethernet cable assemblies, switches, IPCs, modems, HMIs, PLCs, sensors, and actuators. The T1 SPE connectors enable ethernet data transmissions using only two wires and the simultaneous power supply for terminals via a power-over data line (PoDL).

HARTING’s SPE Switch and Media Converters feature T1 SPE Ports, allowing for size reduction in cable interface density, designed for SPE end devices in existing networks and evaluating/testing applications. This overall slim design means increased space optimization in cabinets while providing seamless SPE infrastructure utilizing the IEC 63171-7 standard. SPE Switch and Media Converters are the bridge/gateway between installed networks and single-pair Ethernet devices.

The har-flex HD Card Edge connectors offer fine pitch, card edge design for high-speed transmission for relays, industrial controls, scanners, PLCs, HMI, routers and servers, data storage, and ultrasound applications. The har-flexconnectors provide a high data rate in a small footprint, with higher current and plastic alignment pegs, three choices of hold-down designs, and increased versatility for application needs and accurate position on PCB.

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