Panasonic Unveils ZL Series Hybrid Capacitors

The compact and AEC-Q200 compliant EEH-ZL Series stands out with industry-leading capacitance and high Ripple Current specs

The ZL series is the latest offspring of Panasonic Industry’s Electrolytic Polymer Hybrid capacitor portfolio. Related to its compact dimensions, it offers unrivalled capacitance values – and hence might evoke a remarkable market echo:  

Capacitance: For five case sizes from ø5×5.8 mm to ø10×10.2 mm, the ZL series offers the largest capacitance in the industry and exceeds the values of competitor standard products by approximately 170%.

Ripple Current performance outnumbers the competitor products’ specs besides lower ESR within the same case size.

The new ZL is AEC-Q200 compliant, enforcing strict quality control standards, particularly crucial for the automotive industry. It boasts high-temperature resistance, and is guaranteed to operate at 125°C and 135°C at 4000h. With a focus on durability, the ZL series offers vibration-proof variants capable of withstanding shocks up to 30G, making it a reliable choice.

In summary, this next-generation, RoHS qualified Hybrid Capacitor stands as the ultimate solution for automotive and industrial applications, where compact dimensions are an essential prerequisite.

Tailored for use in various automotive components including water pumps, oil pumps, cooling fans, high-current DC to DC converters, and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), it also proves invaluable in industrial settings such as inverter power supplies for robotics, cooling fans, and solar power systems. Furthermore, it serves a pivotal role in industrial power supplies for both DC and AC circuits, spanning from inverters to rectifiers, and finds essential application in communication infrastructure equipment such as base stations, servers, routers, and switches.

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