Resonance Health develops artificial intelligence based liver test

The test is planned to be rolled out to emerging growth markets.

Resonance Health  has developed a machine learned artificial intelligence (AI) prototype of a low-cost test to measure liver iron concentration (LIC).

This development follows results from a recent study confirming the urgent need for an affordable solution for measuring LIC in developing nations.

Currently, the T2* method of LIC assessment is widely used in developing nations; but it has been proven unsafe for routine clinical use.

Resonance’s AI test will enable iron overload management at a significantly lower price point to FerriScan, the company’s regulatory-cleared and globally recognised LIC measurement technology.

FerriScan provides the measurement LIC through a non-invasive, MRI-based technology.

The considerable advancement in artificial intelligence has allowed the company to further automate established products and diversify its product portfolio.

Further testing has commenced on larger datasets to prove the robustness of the AI prototype for clinical application.

Globally, there are over 330,000 people born annually with haemoglobin disorders alone; a significant proportion of whom could benefit from the new AI test.

Following demonstration of its robustness, the test will be rolled out to emerging growth markets, allowing replacement of the inferior T2* method.

Resonance is also investigating alternative distribution pathways to enable the technology to be introduced directly to the radiologist’s desktop.

To facilitate this, collaborations are being explored with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and providers of analytical software packages.