Telenor Launches Global Stop Cyberbullying Campaign to support ‘4 Million by 2020’ Goal


New Delhi – On Stop Cyberbullying Day 2017, Telenor Group is launching its global ‘Be a Cyberhero’ digital and social media campaign. The goal is to support Telenor’s 2020 goal to educate four million children in online safety practices across its 13 international markets.

With half a billion children in Asia projected to have Internet access by 2020, Telenor first supported Stop Cyberbullying Day in 2016 and through multiple online safety initiatives throughout the year. The effort gathered 259 million impressions of their #useheart hashtag to promote awareness of online safety and cyberbullying.  In 2017, the company hopes to build on this engagement, débuting the custom-made ‘Be a Cyberhero’ profile picture filter for social media, cyberbullying tips graphics and multimedia, as well as other awareness-building activities on the Telenor Group Facebook page. The company’s more than 30,000 global employees are also playing a role, and will join the online movement by changing their profile pictures to share positive messages against cyberbullying.

On Stop Cyberbullying Day 2017, Telenor GroupCyberbullying in India has always been a big concern, especially amongst the younger generation. Telenor India identified the issue and came up with an innovative way to fight the problem. With the launch of its flagship programme – WebWise, Telenor India focused on children’s cyber safety & security in India. With this program Telenor India has been conducting workshops for school children, teachers and parents. In last couple of years Telenor India has educated more than 55,000 students and teachers on safe internet practices by conducting more than 210 workshops in 110 schools in 13 cities.These workshops are conducted by the WebWise ambassadorss where they run an interactive session on internet safety. Telenor India will continue their efforts in building relevant awareness amongst school students and ensure their safety in the online world.

“This initiative is aimed at educating netizens about cyberbullying and practical ways of addressing it,” says Zainab Hussain Siddiqui, Director, Social Responsibility, Telenor Group. “It supports our wider commitment to support SDG#10 Reduced Inequalities through several interventions by 2020.  In online safety, we have pledged to train four million children so they are empowered to engage confidently and responsibly on the internet.  Be a Cyber Hero campaign also supports our multiple on-ground initiatives now reaching scores of children, parents and schools across our markets.”

New studies: Cyberbullying on the rise

The 2017 initiative is run under the ‘Be Smart, Use Heart’ Telenor global programme launched in 2016, which builds on the local success of several country programmes, such as Bruk Hue in Norway. The platform provides children and parents with information and tools on how to cope with digital bullying, staying safe online and keeping mobile devices secure. This increased focus on cyberbullying has been prompted by new studies indicating that cyberbullying is increasing, and evidence of the link that those bullied in-person, can also be targeted online.  Markedly, 64% of the students who experienced cyberbullying specified that it affected their ability to learn and feel safe at school. Additionally, 83% of the students who had been cyberbullied in the last 30 days had also been bullied at school recently.

“Cyberbullying deserves our attention. We invite everyone to show support to the affected by changing their profile pictures and spreading the message.  that the online world is still real. Let’s encourage each other to act responsibly when texting, messaging and using social media,” says Zainab Hussain Siddiqui, Director, Social Responsibility, Telenor Group.

Take part in the campaign

  • Change your profile picture and support Telenor’s Stop Cyberbullying Day 2017 campaign via Facebook or Twitter here:
  • Join the global conversation online by using the hashtag #useheart and #stopcyberbullyingday in posts about Stop Cyberbullying Day and the “Be a Cyberhero” campaign
  • Read and share information on how to make the internet a safer environment for youth: Telenor Group provides a Parent Guide: How to talk to your children about the internet.
  • For advice, education and information on staying safe online please visit: