DIY Generator to produce 120V AC with 500W

Article By:- Bidyut Bikash Borah (Student Nagaland University)

Summary: More than 90% of the world’s power is being generated using electromagnets based on the Faraday law of electromagnetic induction. Many new technologies were discovered which leads a drastic change in the perception of electric energy but at the same time there is a misconception of free energy. Free energy has the dimensions of energy, and its value is determined by the state of the system. It is an extensive property which means that its magnitude depends on the amount of a substance in a given thermodynamic state. Energy becomes free only at a point after which we don’t have to pay for it. But using the magnetic force which helps in providing the rotation motion for the rotor to generate energy with the help of dynamo. In this project I have designed a small system to generate 120v Alternating current using DC motor. By Using this system, we can operate our small household equipment’s.

Bidyut Bikash Borah
Bidyut Bikash Borah

Description: Energy can be transformed from one form to another form. The electric energy which we get from a solar cell, windmill, tidal, geothermal, hydraulic, etc. is free only after applying some initial capital in it. The concept of using magnets for the generation of electricity has been around us for a long time ago. Here I am using one 12V 300rpm DC motor as a dynamo, one small 3v 100rpm DC motor is being used to rotate the 12v Motor. I have used 2 AAA size battery to provide the supply to the small DC

DIY Generator to produce 120v AC with 500w

motor, the output of the battery will 3v Dc. After that I have joined Shaft of the Motor mechanically in such a way that if small dc motor rotates then 12v dc motor will rotate as well. Now, by using a multimeter we will check the voltage across our dynamo terminals (i.e. 12v dc motor), we will get around 12v Dc output. After that this voltage will be used as an input voltage to the DC to AC converter board(RS7642/1) , I have extracted this board from a mini 3 CFL inverter, this board can produce around 120v Ac with around 500W now we will check the output AC voltage at the output terminal of the board, we will bring out two wire from the output terminal and we will connect one holder to it to glow an LED bulb. Depending on the requirement, the user may connect different equipment but total power should not be crossed 500W. As I have mentioned previously the 12v motor I have used as a dynamo but some readers may think how can it be possible to use a motor as a dynamo. I must tell you that one Dc motor rotates when you provide a voltage across its input terminal but if you rotate the shaft of motor by your hand or using any external equipment than in the input terminal of the motor you will get a voltage around 12v , this Voltage varies according to properties of the motor, using this small idea I have designed this system . In this way we can generate Ac voltage from two small AAA size batteries, these two batteries will cost around 20 Rs. only. If you face any problem regarding any connection, readers may go to my YouTube channel and find out the video otherwise let me know by any platform like Gmail, YouTube.

Component Used In the project

  1. 12V Dc motor 300rpm – 1nos.
  2. 3-6V Small Dc Motor 100rpm – 1nos.
  3. 12V Dc to 120V Ac Converter Board (RS7642/1)-1nos.
  4. Household LED Bulb-1nos.
  5. Bulb Holder-1nos.
  6. AAA Battery -2nos.