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Power Management

smart circuit breakers

X0115ML, the smallest SCR now supports a surge peak of 750 V to help...

The X0115ML is STMicroelectronics first compact silicon control rectifier (SCR) for ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) and arc-fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs) that...

Magnachip begun mass production of two new 650V SJ MOSFETs 

Magnachip Semiconductor Corporation has begun mass production of two new 650V Super Junction Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors (SJ MOSFETs) offerings.

6th-Generation 600V SJ MOSFET Developed with Cutting-Edge Microfabrication Technology

The new 600V SJ MOSFET achieves a low RDS(on) of 175mΩ and effectively meets the technical requirements of servers and OLED TVs
200 W industrial DC/DC converters

200 W industrial DC/DC converters with 8:1 input and wide output 

Flex Power Modules is expanding its range of industrial DC/DC converters with the release of an ultra-wide input part covering 9-75 Vdc (80 V / 1 s) with a...

STMicroelectronics Advancing Power Electronics for Aircraft Electrification

Aviation is a demanding industry with stringent performance, reliability, and quality requirements, and a growing need for decarbonization. Power electronics play a...
REC5K-RW series

5W DC/DC in DIP24 Package has 4:1 input Range

RECOM now offers another option for customers needing a 5W, wide input DC/DC with the new, REC5K-RW, in an economical, industry-standard, plastic...
OmniOn Power

“OmniOn Power” energizes power conversion industry with new brand

OmniOn Power, previously known as ABB Power Conversion and recently acquired by AcBel Polytech Inc., provides high quality products, expertise, and partnership...
Resistor Equipped Transistors

Dual 500 mA Resistor Equipped Transistors from Nexperia

Nexperia released a new series of 500 mA dual resistor equipped transistors (RET) in ultra-compact DFN2020(D)-6 packaging. These devices have been designed...
30W Board-Mount AC/DCs

RECOM 30W Board-Mount AC/DCs now includes Open Frame Option

The popular RECOM RACM30-K/277 range of cost-efficient, board-mount AC/DCs has been extended to now include an open frame option, halving the weight...
Medical Grade 6W Board-Mount AC/DC

1″ x 1″ smallest Medical Grade 6W Board-Mount AC/DC

The RACM06E-K/277, a market leading, board-mount, through-hole 6W AC/DC converter has been launched by RECOM, with performance that makes it ideal for...