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Power Management

Infineon's Intelligent Power Module

Infineon’s new IPM series for maximum efficiency and design flexibility

Infineon Technologies AG (FSE: IFX / OTCQX: IFNNY) adds a new member to the CIPOS™ Tiny Intelligent Power Module (IPM) family: the...
Solid-State Drivers in Cars

VIPower M0-7 H-Bridge,5 Incredible Benefits of Solid-State Drivers in Cars

In 2021, the automotive industry witnessed an essential shift as solid-state devices like the VIPower M0-7 H-Bridge became the primary drivers of DC motors....
GaN and SiC Transistors

The Difference Between GaN and SiC Transistors

For decades, silicon has dominated the transistor world. But that has been gradually changing. Compound semiconductors made of two or three materials...
Aluminum Polymer Capacitors

Panasonic Industry extended SP-Cap portfolio of Aluminum Polymer Capacitors

Panasonic Industry enters new era by extending SP-Cap Polymer Capacitor line-up with temperature resistant KX series - 5,500 hours at 125°C 

Vishay Introduces new R25 values for Automotive Grade, Glass Protected NTC Thermistors

Devices Offer Lower R25 Values of 1 kΩ & 1.5 kΩ, in Addition to a 5 kΩ Value for IGBT & Power MOSFET...
sixteenth-brick DC-DC converters

Sixteenth brick DC/DC delivers 100 W down to 30 V input

Flex Power Modules has added to its PKU-D series of low-profile sixteenth-brick DC-DC converters with the PKU3913D, a 100 W rated part...
Energy Harvesting

Constant Voltage PMICs for Intermittent Input Energy Harvesting Arrangements

Through the release of a further three new power management ICs (PMICs), e-peas is providing product developers with even greater scope to implement their...
Wireless Power Charging Technology

Renesas Wireless Power Charging Technology Integrated in Wacom Active ES Pen Solutions

Renesas Wireless Power Receivers are Highly Efficient at Light Loads and Well-Suited for Low-Power Applications Renesas Electronics Corporation wireless power...
DC Surge Protectors

Transtector Systems released New DIN-Rail DC Surge Protectors

Transtector Systems has released a new line of DIN-rail DC surge protectors that prevent electronic equipment from being damaged by lightning strikes...
DC Converters for Rail Applications

Addressing the Challenges Faced by DC/DC Converters in Rail Applications

As trains become more sophisticated, the electrical distribution infrastructure is getting more complex. Not only does it need to deliver power to...