Stewart Connector Announces Custom Fiber Flex Assembly Design and Manufacturing

Stewart Connector announces that it has Fiber Flex cable assembly capabilities, in their Glen Rock, PA facility. This capability supports the company’s growth in commercial applications where complex routing, minimal space, critical airflow is required.

Fiber Flex assemblies provide a superior solution compared to individual cabling for fiber routing and management of PCB card level and back-plane applications. Their automated fiber routing technology allows for specific point to point layouts that can include fiber crossovers and breakouts.

Common assembly content includes:

1. Materials – Kapton, Fluorosilicon, PEEK, FEP, and adhesives

2. Fiber Types – Singlemode, Multimode, and specialty fibers Rad-Hard or Bend- Insensitive

3. Termination Options – Multi and single fiber connectors, LC and SC 

Other value-add services include; fiber flex fabric design, fiber flex fabric manufacturing, connector termination, and testing for customers specific assemblies.